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Equine Therapy

The Pony Way is Equine Assisted Therapy for everyone.

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Our Mission

To provide a safe space for people to learn, thrive and heal through facilitated interactions with horses.

Care of the Horse and Self
Well-being and Literacy
Safe and sound protocol
Social Farming Ireland
Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
Riding Therapy

Care of the horse & Self

This program is devised for people with mental health challenges to aid development of self-regulation, resilience, grit, self-compassion and life skills.

Well-being & Literacy

These workshops are suitable for the Junior Cycle Wellbeing curriculum, Transition Year students, the Applied Leaving Cert course and Primary school learning requirements. Courses can be tailored for individuals or groups with specific needs eg those at risk of exclusion or with learning difficulties.


Safe and sound protocol is a method of regulation using music that calms the nervous system bringing many benefits. We combine this with ponies to work on anxiety and dis-regulation.


Social Farming Ireland. Enjoy a friendly family farm experience with nature and animals. Social Farming consist of farm activities to promote therapy, rehabilitation, social inclusion, education ans social services in small groups of people working together with family farmers.


Equine Assisted Learning is mainly non-riding activities with horses. Groups or individuals interact with horses in a field or arena. Research shows increased resilience and life skills with lower levels of anxiety

 Equine Guided Psychotherapy involves using therapeutic activities for emotional growth and personal development with a team consisting of horses, a therapist and a horse professional.

Riding as Therapy

Riding as a gentle therapy has been proven cognitively to increase remedial reading, maths and science skills as well as improve concentration and self-regulation.

Children with learning disabilities such as ADHD and Downs Syndrome have experienced benefits.

Physically the benefits are seen for cerebral palsy,multiple sclerosis and traumatic brain injury.

How does it work

Participants have the opportunity to explore new behaviours and skills through interaction with horses. The horses act as a mirror for the person’s behaviour, they attune and respond quickly to changes.

The focus of all our Equine Assisted Therapies is not all riding or horsemanship, much our work takes place on the ground. The process involves setting up activities involving the horses which will encourage the client or group to communicate and problem solve.

Horses are completely unbiased in their interactions with people, they support a diverse learning community giving unprejudiced and immediate feedback at the moment.

Facilities therapeutic horse riding

Indoor arena for rainy weather, outdoor arena, fields and woodland trails for fine weather.


A safe place to grow and explore

Reduce anxiety and increase self-regulation

Rework attachment issues

Develop self-awareness and social skills

Who is it for?

For everybody, for you.

Our workshops are suitable for all adults and the Junior Cycle Wellbeing curriculum, Transition Year students, the Applied Leaving Cert course and Primary school learning requirements. Courses can also be tailored to individuals or groups with special needs, e.g. those at risk of exclusion or with learning difficulties.


Horses respond to non verbal communication and offer learning in the moment, demonstrating how a change in the participant will affect everything around them e.g. in teamwork, establishing boundaries, solving problems, experimenting, assuming responsibility and constructing meaning.

Supporting Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Belonging.

Our Community opens Their Hearts

I enjoyed working as part of a team, the process was fun and I enjoyed trying to understand what my partners were thinking. It helped me individually to deal with things happening in real life and showed me new ways to overcome them.


This really worked for me and I was overwhelmed with the result. It has given me a different outlook on life. Thank you so much.


In my opinion it built my self esteem and gave me courage. It has made me look at things in a different way. I really benefited from this.


I found my time at The Pony Way to be remarkably relaxing, it helped me to de stress and focus on concrete methods of solving issues. I would recommend EAL for anyone suffering from stress.


our location

  • Ballynaught, Bruree Co. Limerick, Ireland
  • Clonshire Equestrian Centre, Adare, Co. Limerick, Ireland
  • Boskill Equestrian Centre, Caherconlish, Co. Limerick, Ireland
  • We provide horse based activities for various regions of Munster